We got there, and home, safely. The 4 of us really had a great time. Bettina did a good job getting us settled and telling us about the “need to knows” around the island, and we made great use of the house, the outside area, and the kitchen. Your home is simply perfect. We don’t know when, yet, but all 4 of us agreed we will definitely come back to Saba, and will want to stay at Fairview if we do. It will not likely be this year, unfortunately.

Saba is a wonderful island. Some locals tell us it’s changing, and I can see that a little bit. It’s becoming a little less undiscovered. One thing I love about Saba is that everyone is SO friendly! And especially from Fairview it is easy to walk into town. We had a car, and I liked being on our own schedule when we went to/from the harbor for diving, but we could easily walk down for breakfast/lunch/dinner, and I love that the grocery store will drop you off if you spend more than $60.

You have a special place. Thank you so much for sharing it!

Tom – USA

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